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Hello, World!

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Welcome to my personal blog. I have never really written before, but now that I am done studying and have some more free time, I thought it was a good time to start.

What to Expect

My interests are varied, so I image the topics of this blog will be, too, and they will probably change with time. But right now, I plan to write posts about my personal, open-source quantum-computing projects, studying as a foreigner in Germany, starting out as a software engineer, personal research, and personal technical side projects. Since I plan to write a book soon about preparing for the Camino de Santiago, I imagine there will be plenty of Camino posts at some point as well.

Who I am

I am Andre, and it is hard to describe who I am. The simple answer is probably that I am a junior software engineer just getting started in this field and based out of Hamburg, Germany. A longer answer would be that I am a Brazilian-born American immigrant in Germany, who came here to study for free in pursuit of a career change, because I enjoyed designing a brewery I never opened more than I enjoyed the business side of owning a business. I decided to open that brewery in Texas while serving as a diplomat in Venezuela following a decade in uniform, half of which as a US Marine.


While short, that is all I have for now. I already have a number of blog posts planned, including a post about each of my two internships while studying information engineering, a review of being a university student in Germany, and some technical things I did to get my computer working properly. But before that, I expect to have a number of quantum computing posts, ranging from open-source projects and contributions I am working on to contributions I plan to make to Qiskit.